Website Design and Development

I use a number of software tools and techniques in developing websites to meet clients' requirements and allow each client to have control over their own website. This includes being able to edit and add pages and upload images using a simple to use content management system.

Every website design includes:

  • Professional website design to meet the client's requirements
  • Low cost and full technical support
  • Content management for updating pages and uploading images and other files
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Website Hosting & Support
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Visitor statistics
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome compatible

Development tools and methods used

Websites are created using a MySQL database containing the content text, image filenames and other data. PHP scripts are then used to convert the data into HTML which can then be displayed on any of the major web browsers such as MS Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The use of PHP and MySQL allows considerable flexibility including a simple content management system and the ability for automatic updates based on the date or other changing information.